Collage Conference (April 2018)

This network is indebted to the participants and attendees of our international conference, Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present. Held at the University of Edinburgh in 2018, the conference gathered together eminent and early career academics, artists, archivists, curators and members of the public to explore collage’s history spanning more than 300 years from inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives. It featured two incredible keynotes by Dr Lucy Peltz from the National Portrait Gallery, London, and Dr Adrian Sudhalter, art historian and curator based in New York (click on their names to read more about their keynotes); as well as a collage performance from Florian Kaplick, whose work sutured together and explored the interplay between German artist Kurt Schwitters’ character Anna Blume and the recurrence of this figure (intentional or not) in works by American novelist Paul Auster.

We would like to thank our wonderful colleagues and friends who attended and participated in the conference for making it such a success and look forward to the next. And Edinburgh College of Art, the Institute of Advances Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh, and the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) who supported the conference

You can visit the website of the conference which will be preserved as an archive: